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Happy New Year, resolutions and random thoughts

My bookish resolution this year is to track everything I read here.  Last year's was to read all the books across various "Books of the Year" lists.  I managed *one*.  So hopefully this year's will actually be achievable...


I see a lot of "This is what I've read this year" lists.  When everything on them is impeccably intellectual, I wonder exactly how curated they are.  Surely everyone gets distracted by a thriller or romance some of the time?  


YA books I'm looking forward to in 2015:  Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman, and most especially All the Rage by Courtney Summers.  I'm also hoping Against the Clock, the second in Kate Lattey's Clearwater Bay series, will be out in 2015.  I read Dream On yesterday in one sitting and it was just as good as Dare to Dream.  I hope her books find a wide audience; they certainly deserve to.


No doubt there will be others!